Ops-friendly monitoring built for developers.


Rackmind combines integrated application monitoring, full-stack metrics, and log aggregation in a single platform. Our automated setup gets you up and running quickly, so you can get back to shipping features.

Our dynamic per-host configuration is great for complex Cloud-based deployments. Rackmind leverages industry-standard open source components to ensure we'll grow with your infrastructure, not hold it back.



more than Strip charts

There's more to metrics than strip charts. Rackmind provides powerful visualizations, allowing you to build intuitive dashboards that convey information at a glance.


open source components

We leverage proven Open Source tools and standards instead of relying on proprietary agents and protocols. This means your data, reporting interfaces, and custom extensions are all portable.


Deep framework integration

With access to database queries, cache statistics, exceptions, logs and more for every request, you'll debug failures and identify performance issues in no time.

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ops chops optional

Skip the configuration files and DSLs: Rackmind's web-based host configuration is automated and open source, so you can easily integrate our provisioning with your own.

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