An API toolkit for the microservice age


Authentication, documentation, versioning, client libraries, health checks, rate limits, staging environments, configuration...

A lot goes into backend development these days, but all you really want to do is deliver features and remain agile as your software grows. Apirium helps you do it--by automating the tedious stuff without locking you in.


$ edit schema.yml
$ git add schema.yml
$ git commit -m "Add endpoint to update an address."
$ git push apirium master
-> Updating API(s): addressbook
-> /!\ Incompatible change detected; bumping addressbook to v1.1.0
-> Writing changelog...
-> Building documentation...
-> Building client libraries (Javascript, Python, Java, Cocoa)...
-> /!\ Ready to implement!
-> Checkout addressbook-1.1.0 and edit `src/addressbook/impl/`

Open Source, deploy anywhere

Don't feel safe relying on proprietary code? Want to use your own infrastructure? No problem!

Our toolkit is Open Source, compatible with most Linux distributions, and has few external dependencies.


Git Workflow integration

Optionally use Aprium Upstream to integrate endpoint implementation and API versioning directly into existing workflows.

batteries included

Apirium comes with common middleware like authentication and authorization baked in. Client libraries can be generated for over a dozen programming languages and environments.


Generated docs

Automatic documentation generation for all your services, methods, and types beautifully rendered by Sphinx.

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